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Keep Calm & Get This New Design!

“Calm down, it’s only cricket…”, said no one ever to a cricket fan, being fully aware of the consequences if they did so. Now, it’s time to prove that point with this new design in store, because I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Watching Cricket! This hilarious new design is perfect for that ultimate cricket fan – the one who’s glued to the TV all day, up throughout the night for Ashes when it’s in Australia (or vice-versa, for you Aussies reading this)… no matter the game, you’re there – and... Read More

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Get On The Pull This Weekend!

It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing: Time to hit the place where it all goes down and get out On The Pull! …Nah, no, nope. Not that. We don’t mean that at all. It all goes down on the grounds, and we’re pulling for fours and sixes with a cricket bat! This new design is perfect for all you cricket fans who love a good laugh – why not head down to the clubs and confuse everybody? Available as a t-shirt, women’s slim fit, hoodie and sweatshirt in... Read More


ODI Series: England 2-0 Sri Lanka

The great thing about an ODI series? The matches come round so quickly that, for a weekly blog, three matches have taken place since our last entry! Following England’s final 6’er to tie the opening match against Sri Lanka, the hosts would absolutely thrash the visitors in the second ODI. Having set 254-7 in their 50 overs, Sri Lanka could only watch as England reached 255 with 95 balls to spare without losing a single wicket. 255-0. 1-0 for England in the bag. That result also meant that, under the... Read More


ODI Series: England 0-0 Sri Lanka

If you need a six, off the final ball. Who you gonna call? Liam Plunkett! After being thumped in the test series 2-0 by England (saved by the weather in the third), Sri Lanka wanted to strike back in the One Day Series – and after racking up an impressive score to begin with, England fought back. With one ball left of the game, England were six behind Sri Lanka. They couldn’t win it, but they could at least get a tie (despite having one wicket less than Sri Lanka,... Read More


Oh Lanky, Lanky, Lancashire vs. Yorkshire, Yorkshire!

Feeling like having a good ol’ chant at your next game? New in store is the “Lanky Lanky Lanky Lanky Lanky Lanky Lancashire” chant design, available in a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie and sweatshirt, along with kids sizes – all in red! You can get your hands on it here – or perhaps you’re on the other side of the fence and will chant “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire” instead? This blue design is also available in a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie, sweatshirt and kids sizes! If you’re on the blue team, find your new design here! So... Read More


England 2-0 Sri Lanka: Done & Dusted, With History Made

Well, that was pretty much a one-sided affair. England have already wrapped up the test series against Sri Lanka, winning the second match by nine wickets (having won the previous by an innings and 88 runs). There’s still a game left to go, as well. Having been out for 91, 119 and 101, Sri Lanka finally found their gears and went forwards in their second innings of the second test, managing to score a vastly improved 475 – but with a third consecutive poor innings prior to that, England’s target was a... Read More


England 1-0 Sri Lanka: A Story of Dominance… So Far

It’s always fun to be a supporter of England, isn’t it? Disastrous in the World Cup, show up Australia in the Ashes, convincingly beaten by Pakistan and now, in the first test against Sri Lanka, decimating them in just three days, winning by an innings and 88 runs. Can’t beat a bit of consistency. Still, England will be thrilled with how the opening test went – but it’s not been great new since, having lost Ben Stokes to injury. His replacement in the second test, Chris Woakes, certainly wanted to... Read More


Could a Day-Night Test be heading England’s way?

Last year, you may remember Australia hosted New Zealand in what became the first ever day-night test, in the attempt to attract larger crowds to the stadiums, and with a peak-time for TV audiences boost figures there as well. Of course you remember. How can you forget the pink cricket ball? They’ll be doing it at least once again at some point between their home summer of 2016-17, but it seems Australia may not be the sole country to do this in the near future. England and Wales’ Cricket Broad... Read More

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On The Wicket? Let’s Play (Club) Cricket!

Our latest design in store takes a much lighter look at the game. Everyone loves a little bit of cricket – and us mere regulars certainly don’t have the skills or physique of a Stuart Broad or even a Freddie Flintoff, but it doesn’t stop us from having a good game over the weekend to take the stress away from work, right? You’re bound to enjoy our new and funny “Club Cricket” design, available on a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie or sweatshirt in Bottle Green. The average club cricket team... Read More


Shane Warne: Jungle Capers

A few months ago in the UK, we were treated to the annual series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – where the likes of Vicky Pattison, George Shelley and Kieron Dyer took part in the lifestyle of the jungle outback in Australia. Last year however saw Australia themselves finally beginning the format, taking their celebrities to a jungle in South Africa – the inaugural winner? One Freddie Flintoff – so perhaps this is a sign of it being 1-0 to England in the series, eh? The format... Read More